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Broadcast Services to Meet Your Growing Fanbase

Viewership of College Sports is experiencing exponential growth year after year.

This surge places increasing pressure on Athletic Departments and Conferences to meet the rising demand for live coverage across all Men’s and Women’s Sports, while ensuring the quality matches the expectations of today’s viewer.

At BMG, we're equipped to not only support but also enhance your broadcasts through our comprehensive Managed Services and renowned Live Production division. With our expertise and resources, we're poised to help you elevate your broadcasting capabilities and engage your audience like never before.

Live Production

When it comes to finding the perfect broadcast packager, BMG stands ready to assist from every angle – offering fully packaged events that are completely hands-off for our clients, as well as customizable solutions, to suit every need in between. At Broadcast Management Group, embracing change in live sports productions is at the core of our business culture and philosophy. With over 23 years of industry experience and numerous seasons of live sports productions for top networks, leagues, conferences, and teams nationwide, BMG has established itself as a leader in creatively meeting our clients' needs and contributing to their success.

We've assembled a championship team with the expertise to leverage resources for any scale of production, from 2 to 24-plus camera shows, drawing upon our extensive local, national, and international sports production experience. With a comprehensive skill set spanning production and direction, management and logistics, graphics design and operation, technical integration, and every aspect of the production process, our team has tackled every type of live sports coverage imaginable – from collegiate to professional, local to Olympic, encompassing football, basketball, baseball, softball, hockey, gymnastics, soccer, volleyball, tennis, and more.

We deliver this content using our own fully-owned production infrastructure employing a REMI workflow, or through a traditional truck-on-site model. Our strong relationships with nationwide truck and crewing companies ensure access to the latest technology operated by the most experienced crews.

Powered by our Cloud Control Center™ REMI hub, BMG serves as the technical backbone for the majority of our live sports coverage. Additionally, our REMI mobile units and transmission packages offer comprehensive on-site coverage solutions. When you need an experienced team equipped with the right technical and operational infrastructure for your next live sports event, BMG is your top choice.

Remi Mobile Units

Creative Services

At the heart of any successful collegiate team lies recruiting, and the branding of your school is paramount in capturing the attention of prized recruits and future season ticket holders. Our internal team of producers, designers, and editors is poised to deliver all the necessary components for your live show, ensuring it stands out.

From conceptualizing the overall show format to crafting the graphics treatment and executing pre-produced video assets, we can give your broadcasts a dynamic refresh ahead of the new school year. Our creative process begins with your vision. We delve into understanding your target audience and quantifying your success metrics. Armed with this knowledge, we develop an original creative format tailored to resonate with your core audience and achieve your desired outcomes.

We firmly believe in the value of pre-production – meticulous planning leads to higher quality output. Our creative team prioritizes developing a treatment and researching the motivations of your target demographic. With a finalized treatment and formal show format, our in-house designers refine the show with a custom graphics package and the creation of any necessary pre-produced video assets.

Now it’s time for shooting, production, and execution. Whether you require a one-off live production or a long-running series, our creative team is dedicated to crafting an engaging program that drives results and audience retention.

Creative Services in Action

Managed Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of managed services to either support or enhance your production requirements. By harnessing the power of the BMG Cloud Control Center™, we grant clients access to cutting-edge production technology and skilled staff on demand.

Rather than investing in an independent infrastructure that may not be fully utilized, clients can leverage BMG’s technology and personnel as needed. Our Cloud Control Center™ enables clients to scale up or down as required, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Our services encompass a wide range of offerings, including control rooms, studios, master control, content management, editing, graphics design, and transmissions. Additionally, we provide both on-site and remote staffing solutions, offering producers, directors, technical directors, playback and replay operators, teleprompting specialists, transmissions and graphics operators, and engineers.

Managed Services in Action

BMG is the Perfect Teammate

In the fast-paced world of sports, seamless access to content around the clock is essential for meeting the dynamic content output demands of your entire Athletic Department. With BMG's cloud-hosted environment, you can effortlessly store, organize, and manage your assets, ensuring accessibility from anywhere, anytime, 24/7. Stay ahead of the game with BMG's reliable and flexible cloud solution tailored to your content management needs.

Seeking to upgrade your broadcast infrastructure to align with conference and broadcast partner demands but unsure where to begin? Tap into BMG's decades of experience collaborating with diverse clients across sports, entertainment, corporate sectors, and beyond. Our expertise ensures you establish a robust foundation built to endure for years to come.

Our team specializes in designing, building, engineering, and installing production facilities from the ground up. We offer tailored technical solutions that not only address your current needs but also align with your long-term objectives.

Considering launching a new studio without committing to the capital investment of a control room and dedicated studio staff? BMG offers a solution: leverage our Cloud Control Center to manage your studio's daily operations. Benefit from flexibility by scaling up or down as needed, aligning with the busy Fall/Spring seasons and reducing resources during the slower summer off-season.

Sports Production Services
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