Broadcasting Entertainment Services

Broadcast Management Group is the A-list solution for broadcasting entertainment events services.

We do it all: movie premieres, series, award shows, concerts, festivals, cast after shows and press junkets.

The BMG Advantage

  • Experienced staff of producers, directors, and technical crews with expertise in servicing entertainment clients and talent
  • More than 16 years of experience working with the top networks, film studios and agencies
  • Unmatched understanding of industry events and formats as well as timing demands and confidentiality issues
  • State of the art remote integration model (REMI) broadcast center and mobile units to execute events of any scope
  • Adoption of REMI workflows which can reduce budgets up to 30%
  • Proprietary drop kits to elevate the production value for remote talent
  • Proven track record of excellence in live multicamera productions with full scale event management execution
  • Extensive creative service offerings including producing, directing, graphics packages, editorial and virtual sets
  • Office locations in Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, Las Vegas & Chicago
REMI Advantages
Lower Production Costs

REMI workflows allow you to leverage existing infrastructure and streamline your technical approach, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Decrease Travel Expenses

With talent, producers, and technicians working remotely, REMI production can reduce or even eliminate travel costs.

Eliminate Geographic Barriers

REMI workflows allow you to access talent, producers, and technicians anywhere in the world, eliminating geographic barriers.

Reduced On-Site Infrastructure

By utilizing a central remote production facility, you’re able to decrease setup time and reduce your on-location footprint.

  • Exec ProducerRemote
  • ProducerRemote
  • DirectorRemote
  • ReplayRemote
  • GraphicsRemote
  • TX EngineerRemote
  • Multiview & Comms
  • Multiview & Comms
  • Multiview & CommsMachine Control
  • Multiview & CommsMachine Control
  • Multiview & CommsMachine Control
  • Multiview & CommsMachine Control
  • Data
  • Comms
  • Program Dirty
  • Program Clean
  • Camera (8) + Audio
  • Video Feeds
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