Virtual Sets

Take your live event to the next level with an immersive, custom-designed
virtual set that will enhance production value and boost interactivity.

Utilizing Zero Density Virtual Studio technology, our creative services team can design an immersive virtual experience that will add value to your virtual or hybrid event.

Why Go Virtual?

With our large BMG Cloud Control Center™, custom-built REMI mobile unit, and various types of remote production kits, it’s safe to say that Broadcast Management Group is all-in on remote production. How do you add visual interest to your virtual or hybrid event with remote talent across the globe? With smaller in-person audiences, how do you boost engagement and interactivity? A custom-designed virtual set can help to bridge those gaps. Virtual sets allow for new and creative ways to add interactivity between program participants and at-home viewers. A custom virtual set can help enhance brand recognition by customizing the virtual world to match your company branding. And finally, a virtual set allows for sponsor placement, which can help monetize your programming.

The Virtual Set Process

A successful virtual set integration begins by understanding the components of your program. First, our creative team will work to understand the overall format, as well as the location of your host, contributors, and at-home viewers. This way, we can map out a virtual design that will bring all parties together. Next, we'll want to collect branding assets, including logos, colors, and style guides. These documents help our designers ensure that your virtual set is consistent with your brand. Then, we'll get to work designing your virtual environment armed with an understanding of your program and access to your branding guidelines.

Virtual Set Example
Baseline Set No. 1
Virtual Set Example
Baseline Set No. 2
Virtual Set Example
Eco Dome Set
Virtual Set Example
V-Stage (Emmys) Set
REMI Advantages
Lower Production Costs

REMI workflows allow you to leverage existing infrastructure and streamline your technical approach, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Decrease Travel Expenses

With talent, producers, and technicians working remotely, REMI production can reduce or even eliminate travel costs.

Eliminate Geographic Barriers

REMI workflows allow you to access talent, producers, and technicians anywhere in the world, eliminating geographic barriers.

Reduced On-Site Infrastructure

By utilizing a central remote production facility, you’re able to decrease setup time and reduce your on-location footprint.

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