Broadcast Managed Services

Reliability. Flexibility. Scalability. You get it all—and more—with our broadcast managed service solutions.

We offer a full suite of managed services to support or augment your production needs. Leveraging the BMG Cloud Control Center™, we provide clients access to production technology and staff on demand.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing allows you to focus your resources on your core business activities, increase efficiency, and control cost, giving your company competitive advantages. BMG’s core business is providing broadcast production teams and technology. We are the industry leader in a high-quality and efficient production workflow. Outsourcing to BMG lowers capital expenditures, reduces headcount, reduces real estate needs, and improves quality while reducing your carbon footprint.

How We Can Help

Utilizing the BMG Cloud Control Center™, clients can access a vast array of hardware and software solutions. Our clients utilize BMG’s technology and personnel rather than investing in an independent infrastructure that is often not fully used. BMG’s Cloud Control Center™ allows clients to spin up and down on demand.

Services include control rooms, studios, master control, content management, disaster recovery solutions, editing, graphics design, and transmissions. BMG also provides on-site and remote staffing, including producers, directors, technical directors, playback, replay, teleprompting, transmissions and graphics operators, talent bookers, and engineers. We can also offer the entire production management team, including the head of programming, head of production and production managers.

Cloud Media Asset Management

This is a custom cloud solution that scales as you do. Store, organize and manage your assets using BMG’s cloud-hosted environment. BMG can provide your primary and/or disaster recovery content management.

Disaster Recovery

BMG ensures your content stays on-air with our disaster recovery solutions. We offer a robust failover solution ready at a moment’s notice.

Master Control

Our master control supports broadcast networks, OTT channels, government agencies and corporate in-house networks. BMG’s master control solutions provide reliability and lower operating costs.

BMG supports broadcast networks, OTT channels, and corporate and government production teams.

Network Launch & Distribution

Leverage BMG’s extensive experience to accelerate time-to-market, avoid pitfalls and create a comprehensive operating plan before and after you launch. The BMG Cloud Control Center™ allows networks to spin up with short-notice technology and staffing, reducing real estate needs, capital cost and full-time headcount.

BMG can build your complete on-site infrastructure, design a system that leverages the BMG Cloud Control Center™ or create a hybrid system with your on-site studios with the remaining infrastructure, leveraging the BMG Cloud Control Center™.

Client Benefits
Budget Conscious

We understand that budgets come in all sizes. We’ll work within your budget while accommodating your technical and creative needs.

Peace of Mind

A partnership with BMG lets you focus on your core expertise while leveraging our 20 years of experience in live broadcasting.

National Infrastructure

With offices in 5 markets, we have a national infrastructure of resources that allows us to meet our client’s needs, regardless of location.

Diverse Portfolio

Our company is a leader in developing production technology that improves quality and speed to market and reduces capital and operating costs while attracting top management, creative and technical talent. For nearly 20 years, our clients have benefited from our experience and ability to adapt to our client’s needs, regardless of their project scope, complexity, or format.

REMI Production Services

Embrace the many advantages that REMI workflows have to offer. Broadcast Management Group provides technical and creative REMI production solutions for in-person and hybrid events of any size, scale, or complexity.

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BMG Cloud Control Center™

Remote production is here to stay. And our 11,000 square foot REMI hub empowers our clients to harness all the advantages that remote production workflows have to offer.

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Remote Production Kits

Take your remote content capture session to the next level with our custom video production kits. Broadcast Management Group’s video drop kits allow you to go live any time with broadcast quality from the comfort of your home or office.

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REMI Mobile Units

Remote production just got easier. Our custom-built REMI mobile unit allows you to streamline and simplify your on-location infrastructure while maintaining high production value.

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REMI Sports Packaging

Our in-house personnel has an extensive track record in live sports, from management and logistics to producing and directing. We’re able to deliver this content utilizing our own production infrastructure and dependable REMI workflow.

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Virtual Set Integration

Virtual sets allow for new and creative ways to add interactivity between program participants and at-home viewers. A custom virtual set can help enhance brand recognition by customizing the virtual world to match your company branding.

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We'll design, engineer, procure, and install technology to accommodate your current needs while planning for future expansion initiatives.

Having built facilities across the globe, our integration team specializes in both traditional and remote production workflows. And if you're looking to launch a new network from the ground up, BMG has unrivaled expertise in new network launches. We can accelerate the time-to-market, help you avoid pitfalls, and create an extensive operating plan both pre and post-launch.

Through our system integration division, BMG can help future-proof your facility build-out or upgrade.