Broadcast Management Group Opens New East Coast Hub in Washington D.C.

Mar 24, 2023 

New York, NY: Broadcast Management Group unveils a new hub in Washington, D.

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New York, NY: Broadcast Management Group unveils a new hub in Washington, D.C., to support East Coast operations.

This new facility will have multiple workstations fully connected to the BMG Cloud Control Center™. This location and its technology can support producers, directors, playback, replay, graphics, and teleprompter operators. The warehouse section of the facility is large enough to house several production vehicles, REMI flight packs, and a large inventory of production equipment that can be serviced and prepped for production. In addition, the building has a lot for parking production units.

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“This East Coast hub will enable us to tap into the Washington D.C. talent pool and positions us better to meet the needs of our clients on the East Coast” said Todd Mason, Chief Executive Officer. “Washington D.C. provides a great location to support the entire eastern half of the U.S. Together with our Las Vegas West Coast hub, we can quickly and easily cover the country.

In 2022 BMG expanded its New York Times Square offices to include technical workstations that connect to the BMG Cloud Control Center™. This enables the company to tap into the New York area production community leveraging this spoke facility.

In 2021 BMG designed and built from the ground up the first complete cloud ecosystem (BMG Cloud Control Center™) along with a fleet of mobile units, REMI flight packs, and REMI kits to support centralized technology and decentralized production teams. The advantage to BMG’s live production and managed services clients is the ability to tap into the best teams and technology on an on-demand basis. This improves quality, lowers cost, and is more environmentally friendly.

March 21, 2023
Suzanne Kennedy
Director of Media Relations

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