Remote Production Kits

Take your remote content capture session to the next level with our custom video production kits. Go live any time with broadcast quality from the comfort of your home or office.

Our custom video production kits allow talent to participate in virtual or hybrid events from anywhere in the world with a reliable, broadcast-quality signal.

Choose Your Flavor

Engineered and built in-house by our system integration team, BMG has developed three video drop kit packages designed for remote content capturing. Choose between the Lite, Pro, or Pro+ kit, each providing HD-quality video and audio capabilities. BMG’s drop kit packages are ideal for remote content sessions, one-on-one interviews, or panel discussions. Each video drop kit features professional cameras, audio, lighting, IFB, and – most importantly – reliability. So whether your content is live or pre-taped, our remote production kits are an ideal solution for content creators looking to increase the quality of their remote capture sessions.

How It Works

With our remote production kits, producers and directors can remotely monitor and discreetly talk to guests in real-time. Our drop kits transmit video and audio signals via the internet to our BMG Cloud Control Center™ where your feed is recorded or integrated into your live program. The Lite and Pro packages were designed with the end-user in mind. Each kit comes with detailed step-by-step instructions, which allows your guest to set up the equipment on their own. If needed, BMG can provide phone support from our engineering staff.

Remote Production Kit Packages
Our Pro+ package requires a dedicated technician to manage the setup and installation. Each remote production kit comes neatly packaged, clearly labeled, and ships directly to your door.
  • iPad Air w/ LiveU
  • iPad Pro w/ Skype
  • iPad Stands
  • Smart Camera Feed
  • Wired Lavalier Mic
  • Wired IFB
  • 3-Point Lighting Kit
  • Panasonic PTZ Camera w/Tripod
  • Program Return Monitor
  • Smart Camera Feed
  • Wired Lavalier Mic
  • Wired IFB
  • LiveU LU-300 Encoder
  • 3-Point Lighting Kit
  • Panasonic PTZ Camera w/Tripod
  • Program Return Monitor
  • Teleprompter Monitor
  • Wired Lavalier Mic
  • Wired IFB
  • LiveU LU-300 Encoder
  • 3-Point Lighting Kit
  • Green Screen and Virtual Set Capabilities
How It Works
Ship It

BMG ships one of our three packages directly to your talent.


We walk you through the setup process or provide a local tech to build your kit.


Our engineers test all audio, video, lighting, transmissions and ensure the proper framing.

Remote Monitoring

Producers and directors remotely monitor the program in real-time. And IFB capabilities allow for discreet communication with talent.

Remote Recording

Video and audio feeds are remotely recorded or integrated into your live program.

Send it Back

Re-pack your kit and send it back to BMG. All kits come with a pre-printed return label.

REMI Advantages
Lower Production Costs

REMI workflows allow you to leverage existing infrastructure and streamline your technical approach, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Decrease Travel Expenses

With talent, producers, and technicians working remotely, REMI production can reduce or even eliminate travel costs.

Eliminate Geographic Barriers

REMI workflows allow you to access talent, producers, and technicians anywhere in the world, eliminating geographic barriers.

Reduced On-Site Infrastructure

By utilizing a central remote production facility, you’re able to decrease setup time and reduce your on-location footprint.

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