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OTT Networks

  • What Is Ott?
    28 Dec 2022   |   OTT Networks
    What is OTT?

    What is OTT media services? Over-the-top (OTT) media services deliver audio, video, and other media over the internet that bypass traditional telecom or cable services. The term ‘OTT’ stands for ‘over-the-top’ - which is how OTT platforms are...

  • Our Approach To Ott Network Launches
    23 May 2019   |   OTT Networks
    Our Approach to OTT Network Launches

    Our broadcast consulting team has launched OTT networks for CBS Sports, Flywheel and a major US brokerage firm. While every project is different – with its own unique challenges – our approach to OTT network launches remains consistent....

  • Cbs Sports Hq: The Newest Ott Channel In Sports, Ott Channel
    20 Mar 2018   |   OTT Networks
    CBS Sports HQ: The Newest OTT Channel in Sports, OTT channel

    CBS launched their latest OTT channel called CBS Sports HQ this February as a cooperative venture between CBS Sports and CBS Interactive. This most recent entry into the sports information video service business has a somewhat unique element...

  • Ott Growth Isn’T All About Millennials
    07 Mar 2018   |   OTT Networks
    OTT Growth Isn’t All About Millennials

    Millions of consumers are cutting the cord in favor of over-the-top television services, like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Video. Not surprisingly, cable and satellite providers have taken notice of this OTT growth. Recently, Charline Ergen, CEO of Dish,...

  • Top 5 Reasons You Need To Launch An Ott Channel
    15 Jan 2018   |   OTT Networks
    Top 5 Reasons You Need to Launch an OTT Channel

    Rapid, multigenerational acceptance of Over-The-Top content is growing as applications mount and content producers jockey for position. Corporations, associations and government agencies are all taking advantage of this explosive and affordable content delivery platform. And big players are...

  • The Value Of Ott For Corporations
    27 Nov 2017   |   OTT Networks
    The Value of OTT for Corporations

    Over-the-Top networks are igniting the entertainment landscape thanks to companies like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. And well-established brands, such as Disney, Facebook, Twitter and Apple, have all climbed onboard the OTT train. But these are all advertising and...

  • Developing Ott Networks To Meet Consumer Demand
    30 Oct 2017   |   OTT Networks
    Developing OTT Networks to Meet Consumer Demand

    In 1992, when TCI founder and ‘Cable Cowboy’ billionaire, John Malone, announced his concept of a 500-channel super highway, many people laughed. They’re not laughing anymore. Broadcasting is on track to go way beyond Malone’s prediction. Over-the-Top networks...