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REMI Production

  • The Advantages And Applications Of Cloud Control Production
    15 Feb 2023   |   REMI Production
    The Advantages and Applications of Cloud Control Production

    Our industry has always been a fast-paced, ever-changing industry. I have been fortunate to play a part in two of its most significant changes, the first being the transition from linear film and television editing to non-linear digital...

  • What Is Remote Production
    29 Dec 2022   |   REMI Production
    What is remote production

    Multi-camera remote production takes place outside of a studio context. Advances in broadcast technology have enabled production teams to create high-quality content from multiple remote locations. This production type involves video streaming, cloud computing, and other digital tools...

  • Hybrid Events: Lessons Learned Post-Pandemic
    31 May 2022   |   REMI Production
    Hybrid Events: Lessons Learned Post-Pandemic

    One of the most important lessons event managers learned during the pandemic was that while virtual events have their benefits, live-in-person events will always be an important part of an event program. Now, it's full speed ahead as...

  • Broadcast Management Group Doubles Remi Broadcast Hub Capacity
    16 Mar 2022   |   REMI Production
    Broadcast Management Group Doubles REMI Broadcast Hub Capacity

    Washington DC: Significant growth in the remote integration (REMI) workflow is prompting Broadcast Management Group (BMG) to double the capacity of its Las Vegas based broadcast hub. BMG is a leader in the development of the workflow concept...

  • Are Remi Productions Here To Stay?
    01 Mar 2021   |   Live Production
    Are REMI Productions Here to Stay?

    In 2020, many organizations began using REMI workflows out of necessity. Despite a global pandemic, there was still a need to produce and distribute new content or messaging. But this content had to be created while dealing with...

  • Top 5 Benefits Of Remi Production
    04 Aug 2020   |   REMI Production
    Top 5 Benefits of REMI Production

    REMI – short for Remote Integration Model – is a production workflow that allows live content to be captured from a remote location and managed from a central control room. REMI production workflows have been utilized for years,...

  • What Is Remi Production?
    22 Jul 2020   |   REMI Production
    What is REMI Production?

    There’s a buzzword making rounds inside and outside the broadcast community. REMI production (also referred to as “remote production,” “virtual production,” or “at-home production.”) It’s a sign of the times. With social distancing requirements still in place, content...

  • Live At Home: A Complete Remi Solution
    08 Jul 2020   |   REMI Production
    Live At Home: A Complete REMI Solution

    In the business world, it’s common to hear companies described as ‘disruptors.’ This is a company that’s so innovative, they impact an entire industry. Apple’s iTunes allowed consumers to buy digital versions of songs starting at $.99. While...