Our List of Top Exhibitors to See at NAB 2016

Apr 12, 2016  |  by Andrew Ryback

NAB is the exception to Vegas’ “what happens here, stays here” motto.

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NAB is the exception to Vegas’ “what happens here, stays here” motto. With NAB showcasing the latest and greatest in production technology – all under one roof – it’s hard not to leave with a little less room in your carry-on bag. As Broadcast Management Group prepares to embark on yet another trip to Sin City, we’ve put together a brief list of the top exhibitors to see at NAB 2016.

See you on the floor.

LiveU / LiveStream

As a live video production company, we often rely on satellite trucks and fiber circuits for our transmissions. But, for several reasons, sometime those aren’t viable options. Lucky for us, over the past few years, a number of new transmission providers have popped onto the scene. We’re excited to meet with LiveU – who offers a back-pack unit that can transmit via internet or bonded cellular – to see what new capabilities they might be introducing (hint hint). We’re also anxious to see what new products Brooklyn-based video streaming and web encoding company LiveStream has to showcase.


AJA makes a plethora of converter boxes and recording options that we’ve turned to time and again (gotta love KiPros). We’re looking forward to checking out their booth NAB 2016 to see what new production resources might be applicable for our remote productions.

Decimator Design

Similar to AJA, Decimator makes a number of high quality converters and quad splits that have come in handy on our smaller field shoots.  We’ve used Decimator products on a number of non-live multi-camera productions that we’ve produced in the past (most recently, our work with The Weather Channel in Los Angeles).

Black Magic Design

Black Magic makes a wide range of products that are handy both in the studio and in the field.  We like Black Magic’s Hyperdeck Studio for managing recordings in the field, but they also have a wide range of cameras, monitors, converters and production switchers that we’re interested in checking out.

Sony / Panasonic / Canon, etc.

We always like checking out the major manufactures too – like Sony, Panasonic and Canon.  We’ll be stopping by each of these exhibitor’s booths to check out their latest camera equipment, robotic camera systems and monitors.  Plus, it’s always interesting to watch their live models on the display – it’s like some sort of reverse zoo.

Outdoor / Mobile Media Pavilion

The Mobile Media Pavilion is one of our favorite places to explore since a good amount of our time is spent in production trucks.  Over the years, we’ve established relationships with some satellite and production truck vendors that we’ve met at NAB’s outdoor pavilion.  It’s also a great way to enjoy some brief sunshine while meandering between exhibition halls.

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