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Feb 27, 2018  |  by Andrew Ryback

We always say that no two projects are the same.

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We always say that no two projects are the same. While that will forever remain true, at Broadcast Management Group, we have a tried and trusted live production process that we adhere to for all our remote production work.


Our live production process starts with pre-production, in which we help you map out the goals and objectives of your live production. We’ll work with you to find a venue that meets your needs, refine the technical components of your show and work to understand your metrics for gauging success. We’ll look for ways to leverage resources and ensure that you maximize your return on investment.

Technical Design & Engineering

During the technical design and engineering phase, we’ll determine what elements you’d like to integrate into your show, what your ideal camera compliment looks like, what your audio needs are, and what technical equipment best suits your needs. We do not own production trucks, cameras or gear, which means we’re equipment agnostic. We’ll find the right technical solution to fit your needs.

Production Staffing

With the venue selected and the engineering plan in place, our production staffing team will start to assemble the technical team for your production. BMG will always provide an Executive in Charge of Production or Production Manager as the on-site point of contact for your event. Beyond that, we have a core team of technical staff that we look to book for all our projects. If your budget doesn’t permit travel, we will look to book crews within the local market. Our top priority is finding a production crew with the skill set to match your needs. We know that shooting for news is different than shooting for entertainment which is different than shooting for music, so finding the right team is crucial to the success of your project.



Our clients typically provide the editorial staff and look to BMG to manage all the technical elements of the live production. However, for various reasons, sometimes that’s not an option and our client’s want us to provide the editorial team as well. We’re comfortable with either scenario. We have deep connections with directors, producers, bookers and editors and can put together a strong editorial team to meet your needs. We’ll determine how much support you need on the editorial side and which positions you’d like us to provide.

Creative Services

Graphics are an important element of any production. They need to have a cohesive look and match the client’s overall branding aesthetic. Our creative services team of in-house designers and graphic artists who can create all your on-air graphics, show opens and animations. Beyond that, we can develop the creative for any on-set elements, including backdrops and signage, and tie them into your overall graphic theme. On the front-end, if you’re looking for assistance promoting the show, we can design the creative for any social media posts, again, tying them into the overall look and feel of your show.


Transmissions are a key part of the live production process. There are always a variety of options for getting your live production out into the world – whether that be broadcast or digital. Based on your venue and your budget, we’ll look for the best possible transmission solution. We can help with satellite feeds, fiber transmissions, streaming and encoding. And, of course, we always urge clients to include redundancy. You tell us where the signal needs to go, and we’ll present you with the best possible option.

Social Integration

An engaged audience is a valuable audience. BMG will work with you throughout the pre-production process to help develop engagement strategies. We’ll look for ways to incorporate various social media platforms into your live production in order to boost viewer interaction. We can develop and deploy pre-show digital strategies and promotions to help draw eyeballs to your program.

Digital Distribution

Over the past few years, the projects we’ve helped produce for our clients have found their way to the web in some form or another. Some of our broadcast clients want to create exclusive web cuts to supplement the live broadcast. Other clients want to stream a program live to their website and social media platforms simultaneously. If your show is going live to the web – in any form – we can help you map out a distribution strategy. We’ll work to find out your overall goals and objectives. Whether you’re looking to hit a set number of viewers or build an engaged audience base, we can help map out the best approach.

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