The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Live Production Needs

Oct 29, 2019  |  by Andrew Ryback

There are many advantages to producing live content.

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There are many advantages to producing live content. Whether you’re producing shoulder programming for a major event, a red-carpet premiere, or a live news production like a debate or town hall, live production captures excitement and energy in a way that no other medium can. That being said, live production is a nuanced format. Not all companies have the capacity or expertise to produce live content. Here are some of the top reasons to consider outsourcing your live production needs.

Allows You to Focus on Editorial

By leaving the technical execution to an outside production company, this allows your team to focus on the creative aspects of the program. A successful production has lots of moving components. From creative considerations, like a graphics package and pre-produced video content, to editorial decisions, like talent, scripting and show format. By pushing the technical execution to a trusted outside vendor, this allows your in-house team to focus on the creative and editorial aspects of the show.

Outsourcing Lets You Play to Your Strengths

If your team is great at storytelling and creative content, then outsourcing your live production allows you to play to your strengths. Your team can continue to focus on what they do the best, while your outside vendor does the technical prep and legwork to execute your vision. Having an outside partner also gives you someone to bounce ideas off of. They may have suggestions on how to add value to your production, or, offer guidance on a creative concept that may not translate well in a live environment.

Overcome A Lack of In-House Expertise

If your team is new to live production, or if you don’t produce live content frequently, then outsourcing your live production needs makes sense. If your team doesn’t have the experience or expertise in planning a live production, it may not be the best circumstance for “on the job training.” You only have one shot when it comes to live content. If you don’t have the technical expertise in-house, why take the risk? Leave the technical execution to a trusted outside partner.

Streamlined Communications

A live production partner will handle all technical components of your event, including labor, equipment and transmissions. Having one vendor managing your live production logistics can help to streamline your communication. You have one contact for all technical aspects of your event, rather than trying to juggle and manage all of the technical details yourself. This improves and streamlines the planning and preparation process.

Our live production division has produced content in a multitude of environments throughout the country. We’re a trusted partner for networks and digital media companies alike. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming live production project.

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