Throwback Thursday: Revisiting our Global Town-Hall with Hillary Clinton

Jan 23, 2014  |  by Andrew Ryback

In January 2013, Broadcast Management Group was

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In January 2013, Broadcast Management Group was contracted by the U.S. Department of State to produce a global town hall broadcast with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  In honor of throwback Thursday (excuse me… #TBT), let’s re-visit the project.

The Background:

This one-hour global broadcast was shot live from the Newseum in Washington, DC and featured live satellite feeds from 7 countries across 6 continents. Sorry, Antarctica.  The host studio in Washington, DC, as well as the international feeds from England, Japan, Lebanon, Columbia, Nigeria, India and Australia, featured a host and a live studio audience.  Participants from each location were given the opportunity to ask Secretary of State Hillary Clinton important questions related to recent world events.  Viewers from around the globe also submitted questions live via Twitter and Facebook which were integrated into the show.

The Challenge:

The most challenging aspect of this broadcast was the production timeline.  Broadcast Management Group was awarded this project 6 days before it was supposed to air.  That meant working around the clock for 6 days to book crews, secure studio space, create show graphics, and create set graphics. We also coordinated production logistics, book satellite time and interface with international broadcasters across multiple time zones. There’s always that hold-your-breath-moment when the control room countdown gets to “1” and your program goes from a concept to a reality.  With a project of this magnitude, featuring such a prominent domestic and international political figurehead, that moment was amplified even more.  Broadcast Management Group was fortunate to have a great group of client contacts to help push the project forward and a deep rolodex of industry contacts – both nationally and domestically – who helped make this ambitious project a complete success.

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