Top 5 ALMOST Projects of 2016

Jan 11, 2017  |  by Andrew Ryback

While 2016 was a busy year for Broadcast Management Group, not everything came to fruition.

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While 2016 was a busy year for Broadcast Management Group, not everything came to fruition. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of the industry. Projects that we think are 90% firm fall through. And jobs that we think are 10% likely to happen end up coming together. Here’s a look back at the top 5 projects of 2016 that ALMOST happened.

5. Reunion Concert

First on our list of top 5 (almost) projects: A certain energy drink company reached out to us about assisting with a live concert in Los Angeles in early 2016. The performance would have been a surprise reunion concert featuring a major rock band. During the bidding process, it leaked that the band was scheduled to do the reunion show and the company decided not to move forward with the element of surprise now gone.

4. Live Documentary?

We don’t produce documentaries and most documentarians don’t do live production. But in 2016, we had an opportunity to meet in the middle. A documentary company based in Los Angeles reached out to us about assisting with one of their upcoming films. They were looking to produce a documentary on a famous performer and as part of the film, they wanted to shoot a live-to-tape, multi-camera production covering one of her performances. And they wanted to do it in Sydney, Australia. The project didn’t come together in 2016, but there’s still a glimmer of hope. Fingers crossed that we’ll be talking about this in more detail in 2017.

3. Rio Olympics

The only chance we have of going to the Olympics is if we’re covering it. That almost came to fruition in 2016. A current client asked us to bid on producing about 2 weeks of coverage at the Summer Olympics in Rio. They were looking to shoot and edit daily news packages outlining major events at the games. Unfortunately, because this was a last-minute request, the deadline for press credentials had already passed, so the project was scraped.


We were asked to bid on producing 3 days of live music coverage during SXSW, which would have been streamed live to a major gaming platform. Because the proposed venue lacked some key infrastructure (power, lighting, etc.) and due to the last-minute request to put this job together (which meant traveling some key positions), the additional expenses to do the job proved to be too much for our client, who ultimately scraped the job.

1. Boxing in China

Keeping with the theme of international production, our number 1 “almost” project of 2016 would have sent us to China to produce a live boxing match. The venue was secure, the fighters were on board and a good deal of our technical resources were in place, but the fight promoter unexpectedly pulled the plug on the event.

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