Why Brands Should Consider Live Shoulder Programming at the Grammys

Jul 25, 2018  |  by Andrew Ryback

After a brief trip to New York, the Grammy Awards are back in Los Angeles in 2019, garnering plenty of buzz and media attention.

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After a brief trip to New York, the Grammy Awards are back in Los Angeles in 2019, garnering plenty of buzz and media attention. As one of the premiere award shows in the US, the Grammys presents a tremendous opportunity for brands, media companies, and even record labels to capitalize on the hype through the creation of unique, engaging, LIVE shoulder programming. At-home viewers don’t want to sit and watch the Grammys. They want an experience. They want engagement. They want to be able to weigh in on what’s happening, as it’s happening. Here’s why live shoulder programming surrounding the Grammy Awards is a great way to give viewers what they want.

Capitalize on the Buzz

The Grammys are among the top 10 most-watched award shows in the US. This means you already have a captive audience who is interested in the Grammys – or Grammy-specific content. If creating your own, unique Grammys programming, you don’t have to spend the extra effort looking for a potential audience; You have to get your content in front of an existing one.

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Greater Opportunity for Viewer Engagement

A live pre-show leading into the Grammys, or a live post-show immediately after, presents a great opportunity for fostering viewer engagement. Integrating social media, through trivia questions, audience polling, and real-time reactions, allows at-home viewers an opportunity to engage with your content in real time. And an engaged audience is a powerful one. Giving viewers the chance to weigh in on the conversation will keep them glued to your program, whether that program is before, during, or after the Grammys.

Do More with Digital

A live shoulder program – like a pre-show, post-show, or 2nd screen experience – provides much more flexibility than traditional broadcast programming. Your content can be as long or as short as you’d like it to be and you’re not subject to ad break requirements as you would be with broadcast. Additionally, the prevalence of mobile usage makes something like a 2nd screen companion show that much more effective. At-home viewers can watch and participate in your 2nd screen programming while watching the Grammys in real time.

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Branding & Sponsorship Opportunities

Live shoulder programming can be appealing to both the media companies who want to produce the content AND to brands who may want to sponsor it. Sponsors want to reach the same viewers (and most likely the same demographic) that you do. This opens the door to branding and sponsorship opportunities that can help cover – or even offset – your production investment.

As a full-service production company, Broadcast Management Group has worked at major award shows like the Emmys and Oscars, helping our clients to produce live shoulder programming. If you’re looking for help or assistance with live Grammys programming, we’re happy to help.

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