The Future of Social Video is the Short Clip Form

Aug 13, 2013  |  by Andrew Ryback


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1.8 million words. That’s the value of watching 1 minute of video, according to research by Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research.

It is no surprise videos are powerful marketing tools changing the way companies engage with consumers. The appeal? Consumers are highly visual and it is the conversational language of millenials. Increasingly, savvy companies are migrating to short-form video to tell their brands’ stories across social media platforms.Thus, the short-form “social video” could be the future.

These punchy, quick videos aim to inspire, provoke or excite millenials short attention span, unlike the viral-ready YouTube hits of the past. In short, micro-videos want to keep social media audiences engaged and create brand loyalty.

Curious to know which video apps are making a splash in video marketing? Vine and Instagram stand as the obvious leaders; however, here are three others that rival the competition.

Born: 2011
What: Short, personalized video messages called ‘keeks’ (Middle English for ‘look’) no longer than 36 seconds; has been dubbed the “visual Twitter” and the “micro-version of YouTube”
Users: 45 million
Best use(s): #Hashtag Campaigns

Born: 2010; Video in 2012
What: Sub-section of online picture-sharing pinboard that allows users to create seamless video sharing experience of ‘pinned’ videos
Users: 70 million
Best use(s):


Born: 2010
What: Photo and video-sharing platform that encourages users to “see the world through other people’s eyes” (rival of Instagram); differentiating feature is that it spreads your reach by feeding posts into channels by subject matter
Users: 6 million
Best use(s): #Hashtag Campaigns

Bottom line? Video shows no sign of declining; the short form will articulate stories of the future. Keek, Pinterest and Mobli are only a slice of what is to come. If companies are not attuned to the power of video marketing, they risk being left behind.

Thus, it is ideal that companies make haste and adopt a video marketing strategy with social media at the helm.

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