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The Big West Conference

Men’s and Women’s Tennis Championship

Live Production    |    Sports Packaging
Client The Big West Conference
Location San Diego, CA
Venue Barnes Tennis Center
Year 2022

Services Provided

As part of BMG’s contract to provide coverage of the 2021-2022 Big West Championships, our sports packaging division produced a 60-minute highlight show of the Men’s and Women’s Tennis Championships in San Diego, CA.

BMG deployed 2 ENG crews to cover the event. In addition, our technical team was able to obtain live camera feeds from 6 courts, which were recorded off-site at our BOC facility in Las Vegas. ENG teams would jump from court to court to follow key matches and capture reactions. Post-event, we captured interviews with winning athletes and coaches and beauty shots to help set the scene.

  • ENG coverage of the Big West Tennis championships
  • Turnkey production of a 30-minute highlight show
  • Technical facilities
  • Virtual set design and integration
  • Post-production and graphic design
  • Production staffing, including technical and creative teams
  • Live playout to ESPN+
Project Overview

ENG crews handed off content to a media manager who organized and uploaded all footage to the cloud. Next, our producing and editing teams were able to review footage, log clips, and ID key moments from each match. Finally, our editor assembled all matching content into highlight packages.

Once our editor completed all highlight packages, BMG scheduled a studio taping session that incorporated virtual set technology and a Big West-branded virtual set designed by our in-house creative team. We had play-by-play physically on-site with our analyst joining us remotely via Talkshow. Talent added color to the highlight packages and contributed their thoughts and analysis on the winning teams and players.

Once the studio taping was completed, our editing team assembled the final show, inserted commercial breaks, and trimmed it to time. Our engineering team then played out the final program live on ESPN+.