Real Time Special

Flicker Filmworks/Crackle

Going From Broke (Season 2)

Live Production    |    Entertainment Services
Client Flicker Filmworks/Crackle
Location Various U.S.
Venue Various U.S.
Year 2021

Services Provided

Broadcast Management Group was contracted by Flicker Filmworks to provide a full suite of remote production services to produce the second season of Crackle’s original series about debt and financial management, Going From Broke, Executive Produced by Ashton Kutcher and Co-hosted by Chegg CEO Dan Rosensweig.

  • Produced 6 live-to-tape series episodes
  • Directed all live-to-tape multicamera recordings
  • Production Management
  • REMI Broadcast Hub including the control room
  • 8 custom 2 camera drop kits deployed and set up in various U.S. cities
  • Transmissions
Project Overview

Due to Covid-19, Season 2 needed to be filmed and produced remotely compared to Season 1 which was shot entirely on location. BMG engineered a complete REMI solution to make production as seamless as the prior year. 8 custom drop kits equipped with Panasonic cameras, iPhones (for cutaway shots), lighting kits, audio gear, monitors, cabling, and transmissions were shipped to the host, co-host, and all series participants. Using physical LiveU encoders at each location, combined with LU-Smart apps installed on the iPhones, BMG was able to ingest multiple remote feeds into its REMI Broadcast Hub to facilitate, switch and record interactive video conversations between the series’ hosts, participants, and producers who were all spread out across the entire U.S.

Over the course of six weeks, BMG’s engineering, and production management prowess, coupled with the staff and host of technical solutions equipped at its REMI Broadcast Hub resulted in a successful Season 2 production