ACC Cross Country Championships

Live Production    |    Sports Packaging
Client OKG
Location South Bend, IN
Venue University of Notre Dame
Year 2021

Services Provided

OKG, one of the industry’s top sports packagers, contracted Broadcast Management Group to provide technical facilities and staffing for the ACC Cross Country Championships in South Bend, IN.

BMG leveraged its proprietary centralized technology and decentralized staffing workflow to meet OKG’s production needs. Our team provided a 5-camera REMI mobile unit for the event, which fed audio and video paths to our Broadcast Operations Center in Las Vegas, where the program was switched, mixed, and transmitted.

  • On-site and remote (REMI) production facilities
  • Control room staffing, including EIC, TD, A1, Replay, and Graphics
  • On-location engineering support and technical management
  • Remote graphics insertion
  • Live streaming and transmissions
Project Overview

BMG produced this event based on OKG’s specifications, including three wired Grass Valley LDX-86 WorldCams. BMG provided LiveU infrastructure to support a drone and handheld golf cart camera, which followed the pack leaders. Announcers were on-site along with a guest position for pre and post-race interviews. BMG provided the engineering team on-location, while OKG provided the camera operators, A2s, utilities, and video engineer. OKG supplied a director who called the event from BMG’s REMI unit. In Las Vegas, BMG provided the TD, A1, Replay Op, and EIC, while OKG provided the producer. BMG provided a remote Xpression Operator who handled graphics insertion, with OKG providing a remote graphics producer.