Our investment in production equipment allows us to achieve the creative and technical needs of our clients while giving us flexibility in meeting budgetary guidelines. BMG’s production technology includes all of the major components for producing multi-camera coverage, including 2 video switcher packages, 32-channel audio console with mic compliment, Panasonic robotics package, Freespeak wireless comms package and live streaming encoders. Consider it your control room on wheels.

BMG’s custom flight packs have been designed specifically for remote production projects. Our audio and video carts easily roll into compact spaces and can be setup and configured within an hour. Each flight pack comes pre-cabled and routed, giving us the ultimate plug-and-go setup. Our custom-built carts are ideal for small venues or major events – like Comic-Con and SXSW – where bringing in a production truck isn’t logistically feasible.

Our investment in production technology is a testament to our commitment to clients. For every project we produce, the expectation is to deliver a high-quality output, regardless of the budget. Our production resources give us flexibility to meet the creative and budgetary parameters for any of our clients, anywhere in the world.


Tricaster TC1 Flight Pack

Our Tricaster TC1 flight pack includes all the major components of a control room in 1 custom cart – switching, audio, graphics, playback, record, streaming and routing. With 8 camera inputs available, BMG’s custom Tricaster flight pack is the perfect fit for small to mid-size multi-camera productions.

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Black Magic ATEM Flight Pack

Our Black Magic ATEM flight pack is perfect for small-sized multi-camera productions. The ATEM custom cart offers video switching, graphics, playback and recording, with up to 5 cameras inputs available. Couple this with our on-board audio console and you’ve got your bases covered.

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Behringer Audio Flight Pack

Our audio flight pack features the Behringer X32, 16-bus digital mixing console, complete with comms, IFB and 10 wireless microphones. Our audio cart rolls directly into a venue, sets up quickly and can handle mixing for both broadcast and front of house.

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Freespeak Comms System

Clear communication is crucial for remote productions. Our comms system includes both a wired and wireless Clear-Com option. Choose between 4 wired base stations and 10 wired belt packs, or a 4-channel wireless system featuring a base station and 10 wireless belt-packs.

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The X-Jib is an amazing addition to our toolbox that combines the functionality of a standard jib and a technojib. The X-Jib can go from 3 feet to 14 feet and setups up quickly. It’s the perfect tool for tight spaces that can’t accommodate a full size jib.

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Panasonic Robotics Camera Package

Our 4K Panasonic robotics package can accommodate multi-camera productions of any type or size. Our system is designed to work over fiber for long distances or over HD-SDI. BMG’s robotics package can work with any flight pack or tie into a production truck.

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