BMG Cloud Control Center™ Complete Production Ecosystem

Embrace the advantages of BMG Cloud Control™. the BMG Cloud Control™ provides technical and creative production solutions for broadcasts of any size, scale, or complexity.

We've heavily invested in Cloud and REMI technology to provide our clients with reliable, efficient, and scalable production solutions.

What is Cloud Control and REMI?

Cloud control is hosting centralized technology in the cloud that can be accessed from anywhere worldwide. REMI — short for Remote Integration Model — is a production workflow that allows content to be captured from a remote location and managed from a cloud control center. Cloud control workflows maintain all the key production elements in legacy broadcast environments but are accessed in the cloud. The critical difference is that cloud control workflows provide significant advantages over traditional ones and enable clients to spin up and spin down technology and staffing on demand. The BMG Cloud Control Center™ brings near-limitless scalability to on-prem systems and is easier, faster, and much less expensive to establish than fully on-prem workflows.

Example: Let’s say a network has an idea for a new show. The creators aren’t sure how it will rate with audiences. The decision to move forward with a brick-and-mortar studio would be too cost-prohibitive for a trial. Without validation from the audience ahead of time, the idea of going into production might be a non-starter. However, with the flexibility and value behind BMG cloud productions, the barrier to entry is significantly reduced so creative teams can produce and test concepts themselves—and then stream trial content (or even a new channel) out to markets in several inexpensive ways with the added potential to monetize the content.

By leveraging the BMG Cloud Control Center™, clients can decrease setup time and simplify the on-site technology needed at venues, stadiums, theatres and/or studios.

In addition, the Cloud Control Center™ workflows allow many technical and editorial functions to happen remotely, reducing travel costs. Cloud Control/REMI productions can decrease your on-site infrastructure, thus reducing your overall costs.

The world is turning to cloud control production for flexibility, scalability, and more. Leveraging the Cloud Control Center™ ecosystem makes remote collaboration far easier, reducing travel costs and ensuring access to the best teams for the job, which is no longer limited to local staff or traveling in production teams. You can also attract and retain the best full-time and freelance staff regardless of location. BMG has produced thousands of hours of major: news, sports, entertainment, and corporate productions, utilizing decentralized production teams.

Our Cloud Production Solutions Versus a Legacy Cloud Solution

Broadcast Management Group has provided live production solutions and Managed Services for nearly 20 years. We understand all technical, creative, and operational aspects of content creation and live broadcasts. The BMG Cloud Control™ production ecosystem caters to technical, creative, and budget components of production. BMG Cloud Control™ solutions start with our specialized BMG Cloud Control Center™ in Las Vegas, NV.

It was built from the ground up to specifically support global broadcasters. Our central hub includes hardware and software control rooms, over 60+ inbound paths, and redundant connectivity. This allows us to manage multiple projects simultaneously. In addition, we’ve designed several REMI Mobile Units and custom REMI remote kits for capturing on-the-ground action. We also have full-time client-owned studios connected to the BMG Cloud Control Center™. Legacy data centers provide good options but lack the unique requirements of broadcasters. The BMG Cloud Control Center™ provides a complete ecosystem for broadcast production.

Cloud Production is Eco-Friendly

Cloud-based systems reduce the number of vehicles and people you need to travel, cutting carbon emissions. Production team members can work remotely instead of commuting to the studio or the event location.

Don’t get left behind let us help you realize the many advantages of Cloud production services.

Applications of Cloud Control Production

  • Live production, news, sports & entertainment
  • Corporate productions
  • OTT channels
  • Television series production
  • Event productions


  • Spin-up and spin-down production needs
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Broader access to the workforce
  • Extensive creative service offerings including producing, directing, graphics packages, editorial and virtual sets
REMI Services & Technologies

REMI Broadcast Hub

Our 11,000 square foot REMI broadcast hub empowers our clients to harness all the advantages that remote production workflows have to offer.

REMI Broadcast Hub

REMI Mobile Unit

Our REMI mobile unit provides all the horsepower of a traditional OB truck while offering cost savings and operational efficiencies.

REMI Mobile Unit

Remote Production Kits

Go live any time with broadcast-quality video and audio with a custom remote production kits.

Learn More

Managed Services

Our managed services provide end-to-end, cloud-based broadcast solutions for seamless scheduling and playouts.

Learn More

Virtual Set Integration

Take your event to the next level and enhance production value with a custom-built, immersive virtual set.

Learn More
REMI Advantages
Lower Production Costs

REMI workflows allow you to leverage existing infrastructure and streamline your technical approach, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Decrease Travel Expenses

With talent, producers, and technicians working remotely, REMI production can reduce or even eliminate travel costs.

Eliminate Geographic Barriers

REMI workflows allow you to access talent, producers, and technicians anywhere in the world, eliminating geographic barriers.

Reduced On-Site Infrastructure

By utilizing a central remote production facility, you’re able to decrease setup time and reduce your on-location footprint.

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