Todd Mason

Todd Mason Chief Executive Officer

Todd Mason is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Broadcast Management Group, Inc. Read Bio Play Sizzle
Areas of Expertise
  • Cloud Broadcast Production
  • REMI Production/Workflow
  • International consulting
  • Producing live broadcast
  • Producing for digital
  • Broadcast production facilities operations
  • Launching linear networks
  • Launching OTT networks
  • The next generation of technology
  • Managing large scale broadcasts
  • Directing live television
  • Series development
  • Building new production facilities
  • Building production budgets
  • Hiring the best production teams

Todd Mason is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Broadcast Management Group, Inc. (BMG).

BMG is a global powerhouse in live production, managed services, systems integration, event management, and consulting. The company operates a complete ecosystem of cloud/REMI services leveraging its BMG Cloud Control Center™ and a fleet of REMI mobile units. The company operates broadcast facilities in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., and a Los Angeles office.

Todd has a long history of ushering in impactful industry workflow changes. As the driving force at BMG, Todd was instrumental in building the first complete cloud production ecosystem in 2021. This system enables centralized technology at the BMG Cloud Control Center™ while utilizing decentralizing production teams. This allows BMG to access the best production talent globally.

Todd has a track record of working with significant manufacturers to develop the technology, assemble engineering teams and facilitate the training of production teams, to adapt to this new way of working. As a result, he has rolled out innovations at record speed. This latest conversion will be one of the most significant industry changes resulting in lower production costs, improved quality, lower client capital expenditures, and a positive environmental impact.

Todd is a sought-after live broadcast director for a wide range of programming. This includes music, news, entertainment, series, and specials. Most recently, Todd directed the Two Friends concert in Chicago. In 2022, Todd was the broadcast director for all ten January 6th hearings. These broadcasts had a total viewership of more than 130 million people.

Other broadcasts directed:

Cast interview show for the Willow series
Geeked cast interview show Cowboy Bebop
Geeked cast interview show The Witcher (London)
Emmy show, IMDb Live After the Emmy’s
Oscars show, IMDb Oscars Live Watch Party
Impractical Jokers at Comic-Con
Andra Day Concert
Cast interview show for Riches series
Rocky IV: The Ultimate Director’s Cut movie premiere and The Raging Bull 4K Screening
SXSW: The Mashable Show (90 min/3 days)

Todd has also served as an executive in charge of production for hundreds of shows, most recently two 2021 Daytime Emmy Awards show for the National Television Academy; for his client Charles Schwab Todd is responsible for the operations of a full-time OTT Channel.

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Production Experience
  • Director, Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop, Unlocked After Show
  • Director, Netflix’s The Witcher Unlocked After Show
  • Director, Rocky IV the Director’s Cut Movie Premier
  • Director, IMDb, Oscar’s Partly Live
  • Director, Mashable, SXSW Mashable daily show
  • Director, TruTV, Impractical Jokers live from Comic Con
  • Director, MGM, Raging Bull 4K Screening
  • Director, Amazon Andra Day concert
  • Director, Elton John AIDS Foundation, Oscars party performance
  • EIC of Production, IMDb, Oscars party live
  • EIC of Production, IMDb, Emmy’s After show
  • EIC of Production, IMDb, Comic Con
  • EIC of Production, IMDb Toronto film festival
  • EIC of Production, Amazon Live from Sundance
  • EIC of Production, NATAS, 2021 Daytime Emmy Wards
  • EIC of Production, Sony/IMDb Jumanji Movie Premier
  • EIC of Production, Vanity Fair Live Oscars Party
  • EIC of Production, Defy Media, 5 Days live shows from Comic con
  • EIC of Production, PBS Peace Through Music
News Production
  • Director, The Atlantic, The Atlantic Live Series
  • Director, United Nations, United Nations Women’s Day Live
  • EIC of Production, Black Entertainment Television, Democratic National Convention
  • EIC of Production, Black Entertainment Television, Republican National Convention
  • EIC of Production, Arise News, Arise Sunday weekly news show
  • EIC of Production, United States State Department, Hillary Clinton Global Town Hall
  • EIC of Production, Buzz Feed, American we did it!
  • EIC of Production TruTV, Impractical Jokers live punishment
  • EIC of Production, TruTV, Impractical Jokers live: Nitro Circus Spectacular
  • EIC of Production, PBS, America After Charleston
  • EIC of Production, PBC America After Ferguson
  • EIC of Production ARTE France Live 2008 US Election Coverage
Sports Production
  • Director, ESPN/Big West Cross country wrap up show
  • Director, ESPN/Big West Women’s Golf wrap up show
  • Director, ESPN/Big West Men’s golf wrap up show
  • Director, ESPN/Big West Track and Field wrap up show
  • EIC of Production - Pardon The Interruption - ESPN
  • EIC of Production - Around the Horn – ESPN
  • EIC of Production - Cold Pizza – ESPN
  • EIC of Production - Cheap Seats – ESPN
  • EIC of Production - Sports Reporters 2 – ESPN
  • EIC of Production - Drew League e-sports
  • EIC of Production - Silver Knights AHL Hockey – Sinclair Broadcasting
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