The Big West

Men’s and Women’s Soccer Championships

Live Production    |    Sports Packaging
Client The Big West
Location Irvine, CA & Santa Barbara, CA
Venue UC Irvine & UC Santa Barbara
Year 2021

Services Provided

As part of BMG’s contract to provide coverage of the 2021-2022 Big West Championships, our live production team covered both the Men’s and Women’s soccer championships. The Women’s soccer championships took place at UC Irvine, with the Men’s championships hosted at UC Santa Barbara. BMG covered both championships with six-game cameras.

  • Technical management and execution of the Men’s and Women’s Big West soccer championships
  • Live game coverage with six cameras
  • Technical staffing and management
  • Remote PxP and Analyst integration
  • REMI workflow integration
Project Overview

Our sports packaging team utilized a REMI workflow to execute both championships, deploying our REMI-2 unit to both locations. The camera complement included three hard cams in studio configuration, one handheld camera, and two POV cameras. Using IP transmission, our on-site engineers sent the audio and video feeds to BMG’s REMI broadcast hub in Las Vegas, where the program was switched, mixed, and streamed.

Both the play-by-play and analyst called the game remotely. Each talent was provided with a return feed and had discreet communication with our director and producer. In addition to remote talent, the producer, director, and graphics operator all contributed to the program remotely by leveraging our decentralized staffing approach. BMG had remote operators in Connecticut, Nebraska, and Illinois.

Due to the regular-season schedule and championship structure, the host locations were not finalized until 6-days before the event took place. As a result, BMG’s production management team quickly worked with each host school to map out the logistics and confirm that each school could supply proper support infrastructure. This gave our team only six days to book and confirm the on-site crew.